Test Anything Protocol

Testing with Ruby

Testing with Ruby is pretty easy, however, there is a lesser known Ruby program, that produces TAP output (on demand). This handy program is bacon. You can install it using the RubyGems Ruby package management system. Just do (possibly as a privileged user):

$ gem install bacon

Now you can create tests. Create a Ruby file test.rb (or something like that):

describe "a example test suite" do
  it "should consider true as the truth" do

  it "should consider false as the truth, too" do

Once you created your this file, you can issue the command

$ bacon test.rb --tap

which, in turn, produces the following TAP output (Version 12)

ok 1   - should consider true as the truth
not ok 2 - should consider false as the truth, too: FAILED
# Bacon::Error: false.true?() failed
# 	./test.rb:7: a example test suite - should consider false as the truth, too
# 	./test.rb:6
# 	./test.rb:1
# 2 tests, 2 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors